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Today I accepted my responsibility as a Knowledge Engineer,
I identified the mental context propositions.
Forgive me if I sound like your teacher, it's just easier for me
to express my ideas that way.

Separating the physical context, dealing with metaphysics,
which asks the question: What exists?, is fairly easy.
My mKR version is
There are "physical" labels everywhere, which can be removed
if it's clear we are only concerned with the physical context.

Next we come to the mental context, dealing with epistemology,
which asks the question: How do we know?
The first part of constructing a mental context is also easy.
We have "mental" labels everywhere and
        mental thing denotes physical thing;
But you have to face up to the question of whether mental things
are really physical when you look inside the mind.
My answer is yes, so my mKR version
contains subhierarchies like this:
    physical entity:
             /mental entity;
            /mental characteristic;
            /mental proposition;

I think the two most significant things in the mental context are

       Mind ::  mental existent isdef mental entity, mental characteristic, mental proposition;

which is my literal definition of what a mind is, and

       Mind Body Identity ::  me is I;

where "I" is my physical self, and "me" is my mental self.

I think I've got a reasonable mental context here.
If you disagree, speak up.
Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
mKR/mKE tutorial

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