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[ontolog-forum] Objectivist Context vs. Cognitive Science

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John, would you please do a BIG favor for me?

Would you tell me if your knowledge of cognitive science
contradicts the relations that I have described between
        space                percept
        time                  concept
        view                  proposition

I can certainly imagine them to be much more interconnected.
The last time I did serious reading in Minsky, and some cognitive
scientist whose name I can't even remember, I saw some diagrams
that suggested that is the case.  The extra connections are
related to concepts like
            memory - which is part of view
            sensation - which is between existent & percept
            existent > characteristic > action > sense > see,hear,touch,taste,smell
            existent > characteristic > action > method

But what has been proved?

Perhaps ? the best that can be said is that the Objectivist Context
is functionally equivalent, but does not come close to describing
the complexity of a real brain [and nervous system]?

Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
mKR/mKE tutorial

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