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[ontolog-forum] Ontological issues relative to privacy.

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From: John Bottoms <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 12:15:30 -0500
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All...    (01)

There are various views on what constitutes privacy. Ultimately it comes 
down to ethical and legal definitions. In the meantime commercial 
entities try to push the limits in a game of brinkmanship that coerce 
individuals to sign their privacy away and then sell information derived 
from that access it to their trading partners.    (02)

The prime profession in statistical assessment is the psychometrician, 
one who verifies that a test performs as purported and does not 
misrepresent the results of the test. Psychometricians put their 
credentials on the line and have ethical guidelines because their 
findings may be the basis for later work which may have legal consequence.    (03)

I would like to consider the following questions:    (04)

1. If there is a legal basis for privacy information requests and you 
are asked to develop an ontology that implements only a portion of that 
basis, what should your response be?    (05)

2. Is there an imperative for ontologists to develop a code of ethics to 
communicate their role?    (06)

3. Should ontologists identify situations that may have legal 
consequences and prefer to act in an advisory role to SME's rather than 
actually drafting the ontology?    (07)

-John Bottoms
  FirstStar Systems
  Concord, MA USA    (08)

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