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Re: [ontolog-forum] API4KB and diverse ontologies

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From: John F Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 09:38:02 -0400
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Elisa,    (01)

Thanks for the info about ongoing prototypes, etc.    (02)

> [the front page does not] cover planned, joint activities with the
> OntoIOP folks. We learned last week in Berlin that there are clearly
> areas of synergy, and that some of the work on both projects might
> be accelerated via joint effort between OntoIOP and API4KBs.    (03)

Anything that talks about sharing knowledge will have to have some
foundation in logic.  The Ontoiop folks have already implemented
logic-based tools for doing certain kinds of sharing.  I'm glad that
those groups are talking with each other.    (04)

But there have been many projects for doing logic-based things for
a long time.  In 1976, my first published paper on CGs was influenced
by AI work on semantic networks and DB work on the conceptual schema:    (05)

    Conceptual Graphs for a Database Interface    (06)

The ANSI/SPARC Conceptual Schema effort was intended to produce
a standard, but it ended as a technical report in 1978.  An ISO
effort ended in another TR in 1987.  In 1991, I got involved
in another ISO effort that ended in a TR in 1999.    (07)

In 1991, I got involved with the Shared Reusable Knowledge Base (SRKB)
project.  That effort led to KIF, KQML, and a collaboration between me,
Mike Genesereth, and a few others to develop ANSI & ISO standards that
eventually led to the ISO Common Logic standard in 2007.  Those are
useful results, but more is needed.    (08)

Then there was the DARPA BAA for the DAML project. Jim Hendler
was the Project Manager at DARPA who got that effort underway,
and following are his slides from 2000:    (09)

http://archive.darpa.mil/DARPATech2000/Presentations/iso_pdf/6HendlerABCB&W.pdf    (010)

As an early part of that effort, there was a "Feasibility Demo:
Heterogeneous Systems Interoperability Challenge".  That is the
title of Jim's slide 18:    (011)

> 21 different agent systems and services integrated in 2 weeks
>    Distributed development
>       9+ organizations/sites
>    Six implementation languages
>       Java, Lisp, C++, Prolog, Soar, C
>    Multiple platforms
>    Windows NT, UNIX Solaris
>    Three Agent Communication Languages
>       e.g., OAA ICL, KQML, FIPA AC    (012)

This sounds like a very impressive demo.  The ability to integrate
those diverse systems in *2 weeks* is even more impressive.  That
DARPA BAA funded the DAML project with Tim Berners-Lee as the PI,
which produced the basic tools for the Semantic Web in 2005.    (013)

Unfortunately, those tools -- RDF, OWL, and SPARQL -- cannot even
begin to do what Jim's slide claims was done in 2000.    (014)

In his note on this thread, Ed Barkmeyer said
> So let's not cut the sapling down just because we know that it is
> not possible for it to bear the watermelons    (015)

I don't want to cut down any saplings, but huge numbers of saplings
have been planted over the past 35 years.  Many of them, as shown
by Jim's slides, had a lot of promise.    (016)

In fact, I'm more impressed by Jim's slides from 2000 than by
anything I've seen from API4KB.  But with hindsight, we know
that the demo is very different from what was produced.    (017)

John    (018)

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