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Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 14:30:46 -0400
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On 5/22/13 2:01 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> In a relational DB, for example, a relation is represented by
>> a table and a relationship is one row of the table.  In RDF,
>> a relationship is a single triple, and a relation is the set
>> of all the triples with the same relation name.
> Yes, but mapping that out isn't so easy, when you have an attention 
> challenged non technical audience as the target. For instance, many 
> that even work with RDF wouldn't instinctively associate the IRI in 
> the predicate role/slot of an RDF triple with relation name i.e., what 
> denotes the relation represented by said RDF 3-tuple.
> Likewise, deconstructing an RDBMS table to unveil it too is comprised 
> of 3-tuples where:
> 1. Table Name denotes Domain
> 2. Field/Column Name denotes Predicate
> 3. Field/Column data types supported by DBMS determine Range.     (01)

John and others,    (02)

Here is are some vital characteristics upon which one could attempt to 
build a comparison (for moderately technical and attention challenged 
audience) between relational tables oriented RDBMS systems and 
relational (property/predicate) graph oriented RDBMS systems:    (03)

1. Relationship Representation
2. Relation Representation
3. Identifiers Types
4. Data Value Types (aka. Datatypes)
5. Entity Relationship Semantics Granularity.    (04)

Are there missing characteristics from the list above, bearing in mind 
the target audience?    (05)

--     (06)

Regards,    (07)

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