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Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 17:23:43 -0500
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OK, I went into your description of Cyc in a bit more detail, and I fear I must disagree on one point. I apologize for having been so careless.

Apparently Cyc puts this constraint on a Geographic Location:

In all cases the region in question must contain some tangible component
with which it is possible to make physical contact. The instances of
GeographicalRegion contrast in this respect with the instances of
GeographicalThing-Intangible, which are wholly intangible.

Why would they do that?  To combine the tangibleness of a geographic location with the definition of it clogs the definitions.  It is not  in (as we data types call it) even first normal form.

I guess I was wrong in the previous note.  My Geographic Location would be a "Geographical Thing-Intangible."  I have no reason to describe a "Geographical Thing-Tangible".


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