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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 11:48:51 -0400
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On Wed, July 11, 2012 15:19, Matthew West wrote:
> Dear Doug,
> Pat has not picked this up, so I will take the liberty of answering for
> him on this.    (01)

>> Do the URIs  .../PresidentOfIreland and .../KingOfNorway refer
>> to the same thing in every context?
>>  Or would you disallow such URIs for individuals?    (02)

> The PresidentOfIreleand and the KingOfNorway are individuals that at
> different times are co-extensional with states of different people.    (03)

By "state of a person" do you mean temporal slice of that person's
space-time worm?    (04)

I emphasized "individuals" to eliminate predicates.  I also wanted to
exclude that these were roles.  I would want answers to questions
such as
   (PresidentOfIreland givenName ?NAME)    (05)

   (KingOfNorway ageInYears ?NUMBER)    (06)

     (KingOfNorway parentOf ?PRINCESS)
     (?PRINCESS givenName ?PNAME))    (07)

Would modeling these terms as states of a person allow the correct
answers to be given for such queries that were correctly temporally
constrained?    (08)

> They may also go through periods of non-existence.    (09)

Yes, I previously stated this.    (010)

> This is what you find when you draw the 4D map for them.    (011)

> Regards
> Matthew West
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