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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 17:13:49 +0100
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Dear Doug,    (01)

> > The PresidentOfIreleand and the KingOfNorway are individuals that at
> > different times are co-extensional with states of different people.
> By "state of a person" do you mean temporal slice of that person's
> worm?    (02)

MW: You could use those words, but I would just say a temporal part of the
> I emphasized "individuals" to eliminate predicates.  I also wanted to
> that these were roles.  I would want answers to questions such as
>    (PresidentOfIreland givenName ?NAME)
>    (KingOfNorway ageInYears ?NUMBER)
>    (and
>      (KingOfNorway parentOf ?PRINCESS)
>      (?PRINCESS givenName ?PNAME))
> Would modeling these terms as states of a person allow the correct answers
> be given for such queries that were correctly temporally constrained?    (03)

MW: Of course, because at the time specified the KingOfNorway would be
coincident with a particular person. You would have to be clear of course
that you were not asking for the name of the KingOfNorway (presumably "The
King of Norway") but the person playing the social role, but that is no
great trick.    (04)

Regards    (05)

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