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That's true in every field.

> 1) Read Schumpeter - advances in productivity occur as one
> organization supplants an older less productive / less relevant
> organization.

In science, new breakthroughs never convince the old guard that they were wrong.  When you present your research, the most important audience is not the professors.  It's their grad students.

Example:  Tycho Brahe was the leading astronomer of his day, but he still believed that the Ptolemaic theory of the solar system was correct.  He made the most precise measurements up to that time.  His goal was to show that Ptolemy made better predictions of planetary motion than Copernicus.

But it was Brahe's assistant, Johannes Kepler, who used those measurements to make the next great breakthrough:  elliptical orbits for the planets instead of circles.

John Sowa

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