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Dear TC members:  We're been asked to share this announcement which
may have particular relevance to your work program.    (03)

ISO/TC 154 and UN/CEFACT recently have announced an "Open Data
Interchange" Framework Technical Report project (ISO/TC 154 N 0659).    (04)

The accumulated experience with concepts such as ebXML Core Components
(ISO/TS 15000-5) has reached a point where it is now possible to
jointly evaluate this experience and envisage a possible common
technical framework, in order to encourage greater consistency and
effectiveness in the future maintenance and development of technical
specifications and standards.    (05)

The project aims to define a consistent and timely way to address and
resolve issues of gaps, overlaps, and counter-productive
standardisation efforts through:
   *   Describing a coordinated "Open Data Interchange" Framework,
fostering an integrated work program to meet stakeholder needs in
administration, commerce and trade, and
   *   Describing a collaboration process, involving business
processes and supporting data that facilitate the open electronic
interchange of structured data.    (06)

The goal is to evaluate experiences and describe a common technical
framework that will engage other key players involved in standards
development and encourage greater consistency and effectiveness of
technical specifications and standards.    (07)

Project details are available at:
http://www.isotc154.org/project-proposal-open-data-interchange-framework-odif.    (08)

All interested participants should have expertise in the areas of with
broad knowledge in the area of methodologies and technologies for the
open electronic interchange of structured data.    (09)

This project is open to all members of ISO liaison organizations (such
as OASIS) through ISO/TC 154. Persons interested in joining the
project should send an email directly to the ISO/TC154 chair at
<tc154chair@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, and if seeking to qualify via OASIS, should
advise OASIS at <liaisons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.    (010)

Cordially, JBC    (011)

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark    (012)

http://facebook.com/oasis.open    (013)

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