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Excellent reminder of the way complexity has grown over the years.  Facebook, which appears rather simple to a user (because it HAS to look simple or it won’t get users) is a great example.  In the hullabaloo leading up to the IPO, I heard Zuckerman say that they have 500 engineers working away at the software.  I also know of an insurance company that has 275 engineers whose only job is database security!


As I mentioned one email below to John Bottoms, the way of technology development for small businesses now is to develop patents for the conceptual part of the technology, and then provide reference designs for a variety of applications that can be built on top of the reference design.  That offers even small technology developers a way to create new technology and not sell their souls for a little VC or angel money. 


Thanks for the comments!




Rich Cooper


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John -


On May 30, 2012, at 2:22 PM, John Bottoms wrote:

7. Time, how long will it take, do the parties have that much time?


Way back in the early '80s when were we coming to the end of green fields systems (e.g. pretty much all the big, important, necessary functions had been automated at least once), it was observed that it took a minimum of 4 years to do a serious system... & most organizations simply did not have the attention span... sponsors change, markets change, technology fashion shifts, etc.


Thirty years later, things are far, far more complex—mainframe, midrange, client/server, web, Mobile coming, etc.  These additional layers of complexity—each with their own twists on language, jargon, slang, organization, taxonomy, etc.—do not make for moving quickly.


Plus, management's attention span is well under 3 years.  If I'm on the upward bound management track & something isn't going to punch my ticket in less than 3 years, it's not going to happen.



Just how does ontology fit into that equation?



David Eddy


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