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Dear Biomedical Ontologists and Physicians,


I came across a PDF titled:


“Systems chemical biology and the Semantic Web: what they mean for the future of drug discovery research”


It’s a PDF file named “systems_biology.pdf” which may be of interest. 


Systems Biology grew quickly after the biological information explosion when the human genome was first sequenced, and is growing as more databases of genomic information become available to run against medical records and electronic health records, both of which are also growing like crazy. 


Automatic generation of ontologies related to Systems Biology might be of interest to some of the people on the Self Interest Ontology thread, or might enthrall some biologists and geneticists on the Ontology list. 


I couldn’t find a URL for this one, and don’t remember how I got it.  But a google search turned up zillions of hits on the “Systems Biology” keywords.  If this book is especially interesting to anybody, I will send email requesters a copy of the PDF if you want it and can’t google it directly either. 






Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

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