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Re: [ontolog-forum] Some Grand Challenge proposal ironies

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From: Adrian Walker <adriandwalker@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 18:08:26 -0400
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Hi John,

You wrote..

Where can we find some actual examples of those messy problems
that the owners would let us examine in public?

Maybe the following are not totally messy, but perhaps the  problem + solution indicates a useful approach:


  www.reengineeringllc.com/ibldrugdbdemo1.htm  (video + audio)

Thanks for comments.

                                                    -- Adrian
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Adrian Walker

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 5:58 PM, John F. Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10/26/2011 5:03 PM, Cory Casanave wrote:
> An area of interest to me and many of our clients is solving
> the information federation problem.

That is indeed a very important problem.  But people have been talking
about that problem since the 1970s.  That problem has many very thorny
issues.  But most of the so-called "use cases" abstract away all the
thorns by stating some little toy problems.

> Federated data is inherently distributed, uncoordinated, messy and
> conflicting - yet there is value in leveraging these disparate data
> resources in a more unified way

I agree.  I realize that dealing with a full scale problem that some
large corporation really needs to solve is very difficult.  But you
can't solve a problem that is "inherently distributed, uncoordinated,
messy and conflicting" by just looking at little snippets.

Unfortunately, anybody who has large amounts of messy data will
usually be reluctant to release it to public scrutiny because it
inevitably contains trade secrets or other confidential material.

> Discussions of this problem that involve, for example, the OWL,
> Linked Data and Common Logic communities result in theoretical
> and sometimes religious wars that can and have frightened
> potential consumers of the technology away.

If we want to move beyond discussions, we will have to show how
we can solve real problems.  But that requires us to analyze
real problems.

Where can we find some actual examples of those messy problems
that the owners would let us examine in public?


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