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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:25:15 -0400
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On 10/26/2011 1:00 AM, Pat Hayes wrote:
> The neat/scruffy terminology was introduced in AI by Roger Schank    (01)

Everybody seems to agree on that point.  But it's hard to find
an exact reference.    (02)

I vaguely recall the first TINLAP conference (Theoretical Issues
in Natural LAnguage Processing) at MIT in 1975.  That was held
in Room 26-100, which was a large lecture hall that held a
significant percentage of the people who were working on NLP
at the time.    (03)

I did a search of the Google books version of the TINLAP proceedings
for the word "scruffy" and didn't find any occurrences.  But I know
that there was an active panel session where Roger was arguing with
some of the neats.  That might have been one of the early times he
used the word in public.    (04)

I also recall standing up in the midst of the assembly and uttering
the word "bulls**t", but I don't recall which statement or position
I was commenting on.  I do recall, however, several approving comments
from other attendees as we were walking out of the room.  There were
also a few others who were critical of my comment.  Later, Yorick Wilks
said that I was "brave" to say that.    (05)

John    (06)

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