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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology Chemistry - foundation and method

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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 07:42:32 +0200
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Good morning to anyone of the silent majority still listening, also to 
Pat and Rich on the off-chance they've given me just one further 
opportunity to get a word in.    (01)

I apologize to all for having been so lengthily narcissistic in my posts 
so far, and so prickly in response to Pat.    (02)

I now assume that Pat's and Rich's steps do broadly represent some still 
hidden consensus.    (03)

So I shall proceed in this series of posts by being as 
technically-detailed as I at the time believe is appropriate to a Grand 
Challenge specification.  Necessarily, many features and aspects will 
demand extended explanation and justification, but each instance will be 
in a context hopefully already more meaningful to you.    (04)

However, please do allow occasional repetitions of points I've already 
made.  I suspect that will especially occur as we build on the technical 
view and consider some suggestions for soundbites, elevator pitches, 
etc, for the more public phases of the Challenge.    (05)

Right now, and following the subject-line of this thread, I start by 
asking you to bear in mind the relevant summary paragraphs from my 
starting post in this thread:    (06)

> The foundation is an awareness of the infinite complexity of the real 
> world as the given for the process of conceptualization and 
> ontology-formation.
> The method is simply to take fuller cognizance of the usual patterns 
> and anti-patterns in that process.  So it's all very mainstream.  But 
> we _can_ enhance and project the lessons!  (Hence also the "Ride The 
> Mainstream!" slogan I've been brandishing since March 1990.)    (07)

There are many very technical implications of those seemingly so soft 
positions.    (08)

I shall now get to work on the first technical post as promised.  I aim 
to let you have it by the end of tomorrow.    (09)

Christopher    (010)

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Goodbye, Christopher.    (012)

Pat    (013)

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