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Re: [ontolog-forum] Partial interest ontology

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From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 13:58:18 -0400
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On 8/26/2011 12:07 PM, Tom Knorr wrote:
> Tribes are a parallel structure of organization in all societies, in some
> with less expression, just as proximity, political affiliation, membership
> in groups.... Nothing 3rd World about it.    (01)

Yes.  That's what I said:    (02)

> A tribe sounds like a "third world" kind of organization, but
> people everywhere have a general category of "people like us",
> which they may distinguish from other citizens of their country.
> Example:  When the US Civil War broke out, General Robert E. Lee
> was strongly opposed to breaking up the Union.  But he felt that
> he had a stronger duty to his tribe (Virginia) than to the nation.    (03)

In the US today, there is so much mobility that states aren't as
homogeneous as the used to be.  Today, both families and tribes can
be scattered across the world and be connected by the Internet.    (04)

> This interest ontology can be really valuable in coexistence with
> an "effects/consequences" ontology. I wonder actually if it is not
> required to have one with the other to develop both.    (05)

You need both.  I mentioned Peirce's notion of mediation, which he
also called Thirdness because you always need a triadic relation
to relate the mediation to the two things that are being mediated.    (06)

The many theories of causality (effects/consequences) are also
versions of Thirdness.  They are necessary to bring the interests
(goals, purposes, intentions) to completion.    (07)

John    (08)

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