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Dear Chris,


The explanation is in the specification text, which says something like “IDEF0 with the added capability to represent multiple decompositions with each context”.  That provides the OR capability – choose a decomposition (i.e., the search program chooses it using heuristic values) that maximizes the heuristic you want to use in expanding the original (highest level) context. 


It is true that the original formulation of IDEF0 followed its predecessor in specifying only one decomposition per context, but I added the capability to represent multiple decompositions because no two projects are actually the same.  Every project has some twist. 


Also, project planning requires the planner to choose which mechanisms (e.g. which programmer, which DBA, which business analyst, which server, …) are to be bound to the class symbols used as mechanisms.  That makes OR nodes in the graph of all reachable projects given the best practices graph of past projects, metrics of each project’s results, and other choices made in planning, and later further bound during execution until each variable is ultimately bound to a single mechanism. 


Likewise, the controls are variables in the highest level context because different projects are subject to different quality standards.  Some are ISO standard, others are standards for specific customers, and further narrowing of the variety of substitutions occurs as the contexts are iteratively filled in from the planning stage to delivery of the final result. 


Inputs and outputs are variable (in best practices IDEF0 databases) because they can be chosen from among available signals.  Radar inputs, text message formats, XML message types, and other signals vary from project to project also.  Ultimately, the best practices IDEF0 database has to be bound to exactly one (perhaps even a new one to be the product of some other IDEF0 activity). 


It is the ability of an IDEF0 activity to produce as output another IDEF0 activity which makes even wider variety available to planners, managers and developers than can be totally represented a priori in the database.  So the activities to be specified during development are very skeletal, and are then filled in during execution of the project, after each TBD activity is finally completely specified and ready for execution. 


So IDEF0, in its original form of a completely specified diagram set with no variables, is as you note, not an AND/OR graph, but simply an AND graph.  The substitution of variables with partially constrained types, and the ultimately completed TBD activities and objects, make it far more useful though. 


The patent specification is couched in terms of medical records databases which can be used to discover the variety of treatments and medication practices stored therein, but my experience with it was also in project representation, which is where I found a need to expand on the original, more rigid formulation. 






Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

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On Aug 7, 2011, at 1:58 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:


In an And/Or graph (e.g., IDEF0: http://www.englishlogickernel.com/Patent-7-209-923-B1.pdf figures 5 and 11A)


IDEF0 is a business process modeling method that has no boolean logical constructs.  I do see something IDEF0-like inside the "index cards" labeled AND and OR in figure 11A, but neither figure 5 nor figure 11A is an IDEF0 model.




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