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On Tue, July 26, 2011 13:52, AzamatAbdoullaev said:    (01)

>   Re the physical law: the criteria of physical reality or material
> existence is having a causal effect (or a feedback effect) upon physical
> things, directly or indirectly. Thus we conclude on the materiality of
> physical forces, radiations, magnetic/electric fields, ect. What really
> exists as effecting on visible matter or radiation, but can't be
> detected directly, is very elusive, like dark matter and dark energy,
> today constituting 95% of the universe, and needing new/modified
> physical/gravitational laws.    (02)

The concepts of dark matter and dark energy are only useful at a galactic
or wider scale of space & periods of time in the millions or billions of
years.  For 99.9999% of uses of ontologies, they can be ignored.    (03)

Note that although the theory of relativity necessitated the modification
of Newton's laws of motion and the statement of new laws, Newton's laws
remain perfectly valid in the vast majority of cases dealing with movement
of physical objects on the Earth.    (04)

Yes, relativistic physical laws do not predict observations at super-
galactic scales.  Extending gravitational fields on such scales using the
same laws and assuming that supernovae distant in time and space operate
identically with nearby comparatively recent ones is inconsistent with
recent observations.  Earlier, problems with the Big Bang model
necessitated a fix in order to allow galaxies to form, so an "inflationary"
period was hypothesized in which space expanded at faster than light
speeds.    (05)

It is quite possible that new theories will arise that will account for
galactic formation, galactic rotation, and the observed distribution of
red shifts with apparent brightness of objects that does not need dark
energy, dark matter, and inflation as currently hypothesized.    (06)

Different ontologies can model the different theories, but for most
practical purposes, such ontologies will not be needed.    (07)

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>   Azamat    (09)

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