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Re: [ontolog-forum] Terminologies and Ontologies

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Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 06:56:38 +0200
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Doug, John,

>> The mapping between NL terms and terms in a single ontology should be
>> many-to-many.

In my experience, constructing a minimal 'disambiguation graph' (a
multi-lingual example would be: time ≡ Zeit versus time ≡ Mal 
≡ time
[self-reference]) as a context-marker using NL terms AS terms solves this
issue best. As the dismambiguation graph becomes part of the term
representation/NL term, it is then ok to use simple NL terms in an ontology
for basic dentotation of terms. These disambiguation graphs can be combined
resulting in more complex graphs, still all limited to simple NL terms for
terms and disambiguation.


>I agree.

>The word 'bank' is everybody's favorite example because it has several
sharply separated meanings derived from different sources.  What's more
interesting is that all the senses seem to be derived from an old Germanic
word, for which the modern English word is 'bench'.

>In any case, lexicographers deal with such examples by creating several
head words, each of which may have several senses.

>For the M-W 9th, there are five head words:  bank1 (river bank),
>bank2 (a verb, as in banking a fire), bank3 (financial institution),
>bank4 (a verb related to the noun bank3), and bank5 (a specialized kind of
bench or arrangement of benches).

>And by the way, the sense bank3 is a borrowing from the Italian 'banca',
which the Italians borrowed from the Germanic word for bench, but they
specialized it to mean a table for counting money.

>> Try and choose the best one.

>I agree that a discussion of the full range of variation is useful.
>But I would suggest a glossary, in which you state the preferred definition
that you use in the book.

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