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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 17:01:58 +0000 (GMT)
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Ron: So what are you going to do? Try to patent it? Write a paper? Build a 
product? Everyone has ideas. It is action that is in short supply.
I agree that action is on short supply. My power of action is very limited, but 
I what i think is fesible. Here they are.
1. test possible recption and level of undersatding on deamnd. Apart from 
dsicussing details offline, I sent a rather informative mass of text to Jawit 
Kien <jawit.kien@xxxxxxxxx> who has no disclose identity on the forum, so he 
be a student, or a a party with a stake in the subject. I have not heard from 
him since a week ago.
2. I have been advertising my subject in a PhD research proposal form at 
UK universtities where I do not seem to be able to find a supervisor, because 
the complexity of the subject.
3. I am going to meet some ontologers for personal chat to see if we can match 
interest and directions.
4. I have found out that (my and )this way of thinking is badly needed but 
difficult to introduce for various reasons,. Thoise who undersatnd it may have 
fears of loosing jobs as translators, which is only partly true as jobs are 
already going to give way to crap quality tarnslations and making the 
more expensieve and restricitve.
5. I convert the knowledge into a sci-fi modality or a high-sclool curricula 
under the heading refeletive thinking and write up a course with lots of 
activities and a complete curricula that can be later be programmed into a 
of software.
6. Publsihing would block the way to pateneting which is not an easy thing to 
do, not that becasu I cannot write up the claim, but becasue of the costs and 
the fate of many patents that may delay implementation.
7. I team up with anyone with a reasonable offer as I am not pushing the 
subject. I am awaiting the tide, the pull. If I die before, som eother people 
will come out and implement the ideas, as it is in the air. Convergence and 
integration willsoon have a quantum leap.
I think these are the alternatives. Canb you think of more?
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