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The defence departments of Australia, Canada, Sweden, UK and US have been working on a formal ontology to support their enterprise architecture efforts – www.ideasgroup.org


All we’ve released so far is the foundation - http://www.ideasgroup.org/foundation/ - but quite a bit more has been done on building patterns for processes, agents, information, systems, capabilities, etc. The foundation has been used to underpin the DoDAF 2.0 meta-model (DM2) – though the resulting meta-model isn’t what most people would recognise as an ontology. The Swedish Armed Forces are investigating how the MODAF Meta-Model (currently a UML Profile) could be re-engineered into a formal ontology based on IDEAS.


John Zachman was over in the UK in March for the Integrated-EA conference and had some discussions with UK MOD on ontology and enterprise architecture. From the brief conversations I had with him, he seemed very enthusiastic about ontology in general.


At the same conference, Jonathan Carter and Jason Powell presented on an open-source approach to EA development using Protege – see http://www.integrated-ea.com/Previous-Years


Back in 2007, I presented on ontology and EA at the Open Group and EA Europe conferences – slides are here: http://www.modelfutures.com/Publications/


That, and the paper from Top Quadrant (which has already been mentioned in this thread) are the only efforts I’m aware of for “semantic EA”.


Hope this helps


Ian Bailey

Model Futures

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