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Re: [ontolog-forum] UML Meta-Model and Notation

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From: Anders Tell <opensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 15:09:21 +0100
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Ed,    (01)

This is an very interesting experience that I share, re. how different people 
interpret and use commonly used terms such as abstract syntax-concrete syntax, 
conceptual-logical-physical, information-data etc. It is especially troublesome 
when including the elusive "business people" in discussions. Personally Ive 
never heard a "business" person saying "now Im going to the office and work on 
my conceptual schema".    (02)

A question arises whether we should teach non IT people / scientists such terms 
and distinctions? Personally Im trying very hard to avoid using these terms and 
distinctions in large industry projects since ive experienced we can get work 
done more expediently. Rather talking about conceptual models i prefer a more 
viewpoint- or aspect oriented labeling scheme, such a strategic vocabulary.    (03)

> I have had some difficulty in OMG sorting out the difference between an 
> abstract syntax model and a conceptual model for a language, both of 
> which are expressed in a metalanguage.  The nearest I can come to a 
> clear distinction is that in an 'abstract syntax model' there is a 
> one-to-one mapping from concept to notational production (although there 
> may be some lexical reuse).  In a concept model for the same language, 
> that is not necessarily the case.  There may be several syntactic 
> structures that have the same fundamental semantics or use different 
> representations of what is really the same concept.  The conceptual 
> model may also support semantically meaningful structures for which 
> there is no syntax, precisely because it abstracts the concepts from 
> multiple syntactic structures that limit what can be stated.    (04)

/Anders W. tell    (05)

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