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Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation ontology, CYC, and Mapping -4D?

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Your statement described what I said or what I meant.   But are you implying extension of time and spacial elements  for  living vs non living things?  I believe it is the same for both !   

But it is a good description.     I can buy that.


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Subject: Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation ontology, CYC, and Mapping -4D?
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Dear Pavithra,


No it doesn’t.

>From what I know,  Ontology deals with spacial related concepts upto 3D. 

 However there is need to take temporal or time related concepts into consideration.  So temporal ( time) inclusion makes it 4D.

In Enterprise architecture, When developing  future (to be)  architecture of businesses and systems and organization, one has to take time interval into consideration and the I have seen 4D concepts based on projections for future..
 For example, just taking years into consideration while developing ontology  for the same object - 2012 vs 2015 etc while projecting the solutions. Further example:   In 2012 - it may be Ontology for  unman space shuttle vs 2016 - 2 people navigated space shuttle !

Hope that clarifies the 4D concept!

 MW: That is not at all what 4D means in an ontological sense.


A 3D ontology can take time into account quite easily by stating the times at which some statement is true.


3D vs 4D is about the fundamental nature of individuals and whether they are extended in time as well as space. Under 3D they are extended in space only and pass through time, in 4D they are extended in time as well as space. A consequence is that “me today” is just an object in 4D, a state of me with a beginning at the start of the day and an ending at the end of the day, where as in 3D I have to say something like “me at all points in time during today”.



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