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Re: [ontolog-forum] Can Syntax become Semantic ?

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A trading system application acts as a third party broker between the buyer and seller. Both buyer and seller register with the trading system and the trading system matches goods offered with buyer requests for goods. The match could involve an auction (as eBay does) or a direct trade or purchase.


The semantic web eliminates the trading system. Assume that a seller creates some information on the web that is annotated with RDF. The buyer uses a search service (perhaps implemented with SPARQL) to search the web. This search service is general in nature (like Google) and is provided by many sites on the web, or it may be a personal implementation provided by the buyer or seller. The RDF provides a standard way for sellers to describe their offerings without interfering with the sellers ability to create a personal and pleasing web experience. It also standardizes the way buyers can frame a query.


Does this help?




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Hello all,

I have a doubt in the semantic web applications. I mean, how semantic is the application that we build which can contribute to semantic web.

For example, if I want to build an application which does buying/selling of some items (let's say cars).

Now broadly there are two types one being who wanted to buy a car and the other who whanted sell a car.

So, if I have a RDF file which get's generated whenever a person enters info. like name, address, email, the type of car he/she wants to sell, price etc .. with a RDF ID.

Similaryly I will have the info. for person who would like to buy that type of car.

Now, what should my application do ? whenever one wants to buy a car .. my system should search for those types of car put up for sale by some others.

For it to work, one needs to have a DB to search upon which essentially is a search engine db. All I gained in terms of semantics is representing in RDF which is one form of XML.

For, a computer to process the info. we need to explicity provide the heuristics for it to undergo some actions on seeing some tags.

So, how Syntax can become Semantic ?

Sorry, if I don't make any sense. But I would really like to know about semantic web and it's applications.

Phani Chaitanya.

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