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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology development method

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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 22:48:40 -0500
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Marc,    (01)

MIW> I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me by sharing some
 > thoughts on and/or experiences of using ontological development
 > methods. I am about to embark on the development of a business
 > related ontology and would like to use an appropriate method to
 > provide credibility and guidance to the development process.    (02)

For business applications, I don't believe that there is any
difference in principle between what ontologists are doing today
and what systems analysts and database administrators have been
doing for the past 40 years.    (03)

MIW> The three methods I am considering are:
> * OTK method - On-to-Knowledge
> * Methontology
> * Ushold and King    (04)

I would add the UML design methodologies to that mix.  I have
often noted that the main reason why the Semantic Web is still
outside the mainstream of commercial IT is that the SemWebbers
ignored the problems, tools, and methodologies that commercial
IT people have been working with over the past half century.    (05)

MIW> The ontology will be developed in protégé v4 and will support
 > software developers, vendors and the construction of enterprise
 > knowledge bases.    (06)

Protégé is useful for generating OWL, but OWL is not integrated
with what business software developers, vendors, and the people
who develop enterprise data bases and knowledge bases actually do.    (07)

If you want to support business applications, you have to work
with the people who develop business applications.  And you have
to make sure that your tools are integrated with their tools.    (08)

John Sowa    (09)

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