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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:52:22 -0000
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Hi, I am just back from leave and I would just like to thank everyone who has 
emailed a response on and off the forum. I am going through each of the 
responses and plan to contact the individuals separately. At this time I cannot 
comment on the details of the project but do hope in the future that I can 
share the outcomes as I am sure I will have other questions to ask the forum.     (01)

The development of an enterprise ontology does raise many questions about the 
design approach and maintenance thereafter and I am grateful for the 
information sent to me. One observation strikes me from the start is that a 
clear and recognised method is required as well as an iterative development of 
the model. I am busy working through all of the suggestions and papers I 
received to help make these decisions.     (02)

Marc    (03)

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Subject: Ontology development method    (04)

Hi all,    (05)

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me by sharing some thoughts on 
and/or experiences of using ontological development methods. I am about to 
embark on the development of a business related ontology and would like to use 
an appropriate method to provide credibility and guidance to the development 
process. Also using a method would help the members of the team who are 
relatively new to this.     (06)

The three methods I am considering are:
* OTK method - On-to-Knowledge
* Methontology
* Ushold and King    (07)

The source for each method comes from the publication by Springer - Ontological 
Engineering.     (08)

The ontology will be developed in protégé v4 and will support software 
developers, vendors and the construction of enterprise knowledge bases. We also 
expect the ontology to evolve incrementally but I would like to have a 
recognised method to support the design and review activities.    (09)

What would be useful would be any comments on the methods - I have not used any 
of the three - or suggestions to other methods to consider.    (010)

Thanks in advance    (011)

Marc    (012)

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