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Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 22:33:39 -0400
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Rich,    (01)

RC> Any two signs, experienced separated by a time delay, could be
 > distinguished given some discriminant predicate that is true for
 > one and false for the other.    (02)

In that case, you saw "A", then you saw "B", and then you did
some analysis to note that some feature(s) of A are or are not
present in B.  That comparison and conclusion is not a simple,
immediate observation, but a multistep analysis.    (03)

For example, you might see a car with a shiny paint job, but when
you run your hand over the surface you are surprised and say "It's
not smooth."  However, that is a conflict between a new experience
and a previous inference.  If you hadn't seen the shiny surface
before you touched it, you would have said "It's rough".    (04)

RC> Why would that be truer of conjuncts than disjuncts?  The
 > entire field of EE pattern recognition is based on finding
 > such invariant patterns among the signal fluffs, and
 > normalizing the patterns.    (05)

Invariant patterns are generalizations formed by induction
(AKA data mining) from multiple observation statements.
That is certainly important, but it's after the fact analysis
of the raw data by induction, deduction, abduction, or analogy.    (06)

Please give me any simple observation statement (i.e., one that
you experienced *directly* without any intervening analysis).
My claim is that any simple observation statement can be translated
to FOL with only two logical operators:  existence and conjunction.    (07)

You can refute my claim with just one observation.  But any
conclusions you may draw from multiple observation statements
don't count.  They're the result of further analysis.    (08)

John    (09)

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