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Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 09:17:19 -0400
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Azamat,    (01)

That raises the question of what is an ontology:    (02)

 > I doubt that there may be any ontology. According to SW, the
 > four pillars of his oncoming web service are: "a massive amount
 > of data, that his company has collected from various sources;
 > a computational engine built on top of Mathematica...; a system
 > for understanding queries; and technology to display results
 > in interesting ways."    (03)

Mathematica is a system for expressing and using any or all
versions of mathematics.  It is based on a declarative system
of logic, which supports "notebooks" that contain declarative
statements that can state relationships of any kind, using
any of an enormous number of mathematical theories.    (04)

That is vastly more expressive than RDF or OWL, which are
limited to dyadic relations and in just a very small number
of basic patterns.  Some people claim that that anything
expressed in OWL is an ontology.  Why?  Is there any magic
about restricting the kinds of relations and the number of
patterns?    (05)

Some say that it's essential to restrict the patterns in order
to be computable.  Why?  Mathematica puts no restriction of
any kind on the mathematics that can be used.  Logic is there.
Set theory is there.  All the versions of mathematics that
any nonmathematician has ever heard of are in there, and any
mathematician who invents new mathematical axioms can add
them to a Mathematica notebook.    (06)

And Mathematica is certainly scalable.  Wolfram says that they
have "trillions" of facts in their curated knowledge bases.
Does anyone know of any RDF or OWL knowledge bases that are
bigger?    (07)

 > In fact, we need a radically new kind of web search, common
 > ontology-driven semantic search engine, the ontological
 > foundations of which we are here looking for.    (08)

Please be specific.  Please give some examples of the kinds of
questions that you would want an ontology-driven system to answer
that cannot be answered by a Mathematica notebook.    (09)

If you can find something that would challenge Stephen Wolfram,
he would be delighted to hear it.    (010)

John    (011)

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