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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 08:56:47 -0700
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Hey all:    (01)

I am doing a talk in Orlando in two days entitled ³Demystifying Search
Ontology².  While not strictly related to search (the conference marketers
though the title, written as below, would draw more people), this is a good
chance to get in front of a few hundred CIO, CTO types and be able to
explain the benefits of or even introduce ontology work within an
enterprise.  Of course I plan to heavily promote this forum ;-)    (02)

What I would like to ask is for some concrete ideas that will allow these
people to walk away with project ideas for their associations that can be
implemented or started right away.    (03)

Talk advertisement:    (04)

Demystifying Search Ontology: What is Google Doing That You¹re Not? SALON 2    (05)

Duane Nickull, Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe Systems    (06)

Things are not defined by the labels we give them. If they were, then search
would be a simple matter of assigning labels to everything. The discipline
of ontology says that the label is only part of the story. Ontology is the
power behind semantic search engines such as Google. What¹s the best-kept
secret about ontology?    (07)

Learning Outcomes:     (08)

? Walk away with 10 ontology ideas for your association that can be
implemented right away, using the resources you own.    (09)

? Learn to assess the potential ROI on each of these ideas.    (010)

? Identify small steps to implement ontology that will increase value to
members and extract information about your members using data you already
possess.    (011)

Who Should Attend? Association leaders who want to deliver greater member
value, without having to spend money to get started; who want to learn about
the power behind effective search and how to tap into it.    (012)

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