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[ontolog-forum] DNA terminology (detour from - something I missed)

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   Your consultant was apparently more knowledgeable than mine.    (01)

Re: adjective meaning "same sequence":    (02)

> There is also the verb 'steicho', which means to march in a row.
> Two nouns were derived from that verb:
>   1. 'stichos', which has the specialized meanings of a row of
>      soldiers or a line of verse.
>   2. 'stoichos', which is a more general word for row.
> The noun 'stoichos' is the more general and more productive term:
>   1. The derivative verb 'stoichizo' means to arrange things in a row.
>   2. Another derivative noun 'stoicheion' means one element in a row.
>   3. The chemists coined the term 'stoichiometry' for the
>      quantitative measure of the elements in chemical compounds.
> Therefore, 'stoichos' would be a good choice for row or sequence.
> For an English adjective meaning 'having the same sequence', Cora
> suggested 'isostoichic'.
> John
>        (03)

   Now I will have to get in touch with some of my old molecular biology
colleagues and let them know of that useful word.    (04)

Pat    (05)

Patrick Cassidy
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