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Re: [ontolog-forum] RDF & RDFS (was... Is there something I missed?)

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John,    (01)

Both of the discourses on classical Greek were interesting and welcome. 
  Thanks for that.    (02)

you wrote:    (03)

> There is also the verb 'steicho', which means to march in a row.    (04)

I thought that 'steicho' was to march in step, which is an idea the 
Greeks apparently invented.  And it was clearly critical to make the 
phalanx function properly.    (05)

>   2. 'stoichos', which is a more general word for row.    (06)

There are two related concepts associated with "row":
  (1) an ordering of the things, a queue, a list, a 'sequence'
  (2) a placement of the things in a straight line, alignment    (07)

The primary association I would make with stoichos is 'alignment', 
rather than 'sequence'.  But it is clear that the 'ordering abstraction' 
is just the kind of thing that Greek thinkers would have done with the 
existing words for physical concepts.    (08)

> Therefore, 'stoichos' would be a good choice for row or sequence.
> For an English adjective meaning 'having the same sequence', Cora
> suggested 'isostoichic'.    (09)

I would have translated isostoichikoi as 'the guys standing in the same 
rank'.  But then my Greek comes from Thucydides. ;-)    (010)

-Ed    (011)

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