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Re: [ontolog-forum] RDF & RDFS (was... Is there something I missed?)

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 08:19:12 -0000
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Dear Ed,    (01)

I just want to push a bit and see what you really mean here.    (02)

> > I will say this
> > though - it's really easy to confuse the representation of the
> ontology with
> > the ontology itself.
> We need to be careful about the term "ontology" here.  I understand the
> term "ontology" to refer to a representation of knowledge in a form
> suitable for automated reasoning (i.e., using some well-defined grammar
> and base semantics).
> With that definition, it is not easy to confuse them -- the ontology IS
> the representation.  The ontology is not the knowledge, or the
> knowledge
> model that is in your head;  it is that knowledge (model) as captured
> in
> the language.  It is that part of the knowledge that is actually being
> communicated to the automata.    (03)

[MW] Right, so it is not what is in your head. But I have a file with my OWL
ontology in it. I make 5 copies. How many ontologies do I have?    (04)

[MW] I take my OWL file and convert it to Common Logic so that I can make
exactly the same inferences from it. How many ontologies do I have?    (05)

[MW] For me it is the same ontology if it is the same underlying theory. OK,
if we are talking computer science, then it must be a computer interpretable
representation, but otherwise I would not think of it as different if it was
the same theory. So we have ISO 15926 in OWL and EXPRESS, but we do not see
these as different ontologies, just different representations of the same
ontology.    (06)

Regards    (07)

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