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Re: [ontolog-forum] RDF & RDFS (was... Is there something I missed?)

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Pat Hayes wrote:    (01)

>  Although we 
> would all like to think that we have a complete mental model all done up 
> ready for use in our own heads, and writing axioms is just formalizing 
> it, this isnt borne out by experience. The very act of writing down ones 
> intuitive knowledge as formal sentences reveals aspects of your own 
> thoughts which weren't apparent before, and also of course you rapidly 
> find that a lot of what you know simply can't be written down properly. 
> So the process of writing down intuition is more like a process of 
> invention or composition - guided of course by the intuition, but one 
> which itself alters the intuition as it is performed.     (02)

Absolutely!  While I can only claim limited experience in ontology 
development (but many more years in information modeling), this has been 
my experience in every case, and it has been the experience of others 
that I have worked with.    (03)

Intuition creates mental leaps to conclusions that are largely correct, 
but forcing the intermediate steps to be exposed refines the 
conclusions, reveals unstated assumptions, and adds new knowledge, or at 
least new perception or understanding.    (04)

-Ed    (05)

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