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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology and Category Theory

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Rather than discussing the philosophical and theoretical significance of 
undefined terms, I would suggest that the proponents of Category Theory 
for knowledge engineering identify the aspect(s) of category theory for 
which they see a specific use in knowledge engineering.  Otherwise the 
discussion is pointless.    (01)

Now, to that end, Len Yabloko wrote:    (02)

> There is no reliable way in classical Logic to establish and confirm
> the identity of any object outside of specific context.    (03)

There is no universal reference scheme for 'thing' in terms of 
properties.  The presumption of classical logic is that terms that 
denote 'things' in the UoD do just that.  The presumption that distinct 
terms denote different 'things' is an axiom, which a given theory may or 
may not include.    (04)

> CT, on the other hand, includes identity in the very definition of object.    (05)

Citation please.  This sentence means nothing to me.    (06)

But identity is an interesting problem in logical theories, and it is 
possible that this bit of the discussion is actually going somewhere.    (07)

-Ed    (08)

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