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Re: [ontolog-forum] meaning and core ontologies

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:10:09 -0400
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Ferenc,    (01)

That point is more true of primates than other mammals, since they
live in trees, swinging from branch to branch, and good hand-eye
coordination is a matter of life or death:    (02)

 > It appears to me that knowledge is a product of the visual and
 > mental processing of the details of the world (reality)...    (03)

But other senses are also important, and there are aspects of the
world for which sensory aids, such as telescopes, microscopes,
microphones, seismographs, etc., are necessary.    (04)

 > The point is that you are stuck with the meaning of meaning and
 > the association of meaning with words, especially with one word
 > allegedly representing a concept.    (05)

Words are an important adjunct to imagery.  For an example of
a person who has overcome serious handicaps in language, I suggest
that you read the books by Temple Grandin.  She is an autistic
woman who managed to overcome her handicap to a large extent.
She even earned a PhD in animal husbandry. (Her handicap has
given her a great insight into animal thinking).    (06)

For more information, see her web site:    (07)

    http://www.templegrandin.com/    (08)

Her books and articles (along with other work in psychology and
psycholinguistics) can help give some perspective on how far
thinking without words can go and what language adds.    (09)

John Sowa    (010)

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