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[ontolog-forum] Heterarchy & Hierarchy, oh my my

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Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 10:58:25 -0700
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Hello all,    (01)

This is my first chime into the conversations so I hope my topic is 
appropriate.    (02)

At present, I'm working as the lead of NASA/JPL's Spacecraft Problem 
Reporting System (PRS), which is a web based application where an 
engineer or scientist can report a problem with a spacecraft that is 
in-flight, or under development.  When an "anomaly" is created, it is 
then  automatically dispatched to the proper team of folks that can 
triage and solve the problem, sign, and close the issue.    (03)

Presently, we are using a hierarchy to define the structure of the 
individual items that make up the spacecraft.  It is a typical 
parent-child-grandchild relationship.  However, I am running into a 
cases where a child can have more then one non-related parents.  This 
aspect is something that hurts my hierarchical mind.    (04)

I have recently found the concept of heterarchy in my knowledge 
management quests and find it maybe the answer.  From Wikipedia, "In 
a group of related items, heterarchy is a state wherein any pair of 
items is likely to be related in two or more differing ways. Whereas 
hierarchies sort groups into progressively smaller categories and 
subcategories, heterarchies divide and unite groups variously, 
according to multiple concerns that emerge or recede from view 
according to perspective."    (05)

My challenge/question is, how would define and represent the 
heterarchy in a designator system?  We all know how to express 
hierarchy as 1.3.54.A for example, but when an item has more then one 
parent, how can we express that in an equally simplistic way?    (06)

Thanks for the bandwidth
Charles P. White (aka Jet Burns)
"This sentense has three erors."    (07)

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