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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology vs OWL implementation

To: "[ontolog-forum] " <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
From: Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 04:02:48 -0400
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On Apr 30, 2008, at 6:08 PM, Pat Hayes wrote:
> The term 'ontology' has no definition precise enough to answer that  
> question. Myself, I'd be
> inclined to say yes, anything in OWL is an ontology.    (01)

http://www.mindswap.org/~aditkal/sudoku.shtml ?
"We can now specify input values for grid cells"...    (02)

-Alan    (03)

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