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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology similarity and accurate communication

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> Dear Sean,
> >     Considered from a legal point of view, a person and a 
> role such as 
> > employee should surely be treated through a 
> role-relationship, rather 
> > than a subtype relationship, since one's capacity to act depends on 
> > one's status.
> MW: I'm not quite sure what you mean by a role relationship, 
> but you are right that the relationship is not subtype/supertype.
> > I have no right to marry in virtue of being an employee, but I can 
> > marry as a person. Conversely, I can authorize a design in 
> my role as 
> > a project manager (a subtype of employee), but not I cannot 
> do it in 
> > virtue of being a person, since the company process applies to 
> > employees of the company, not to persons in general. I may 
> also have 
> > rights both as a person and an employee (e.g. my manager 
> may not shoot 
> > me, both as an obligation under common law, and because of the 
> > anti-bullying policy).
> MW: This is roughly right. The intentional act of authorizing 
> someone to play a role confers rights and responsibilities.
> >     The distinction is not one of time,
> MW: There is at least the time distinction that comes from 
> when the role is authorized, and to when authorization is removed.
>     (04)

SB: Agreed that the granting and removal of a role is time dependent    (05)

> > and I do not slice between
> > one and another,
> MW: But we do. Sometimes we act with one role and sometimes 
> with another.
> We even talk about changing the hats that we are wearing.
>     (06)

SB: That we do different things at different times, yes, but it is only
an accidental feature, rather like wearing different ties. The phrase
"change hats" is telling, since it uses the social signifier "hat" (as
in judge's wig, bishop's mitre, etc) as a short hand to identify role
change. In cases where a person has multiple roles, it may be
significant in which role they are acting.     (07)

However the assumption of a role is related to the act, not to the time
it occured. I am a project manager, not because it is 9.27am, but
because I am authorizing a document.    (08)

In the 3D/4D context, place might be as significant as time, for
example, a person may normally only assume the role of judge in the
physical place of a courtroom, and therefore one might argue for spacial
slicing as well as time slicing.    (09)

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