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Re: [ontolog-forum] Axiomatic ontology

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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 19:09:02 +0700
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>         The problem, as I understand it, is can statements on the web be
> used as a source to learn an ontology? If you need "context" to decide
> what is relevant, then you are not using the web, but using the web PLUS
> the knowledge you are trying to learn.
>    (01)

Ok, thanks - agreed with that
but then lets think again,
where can statements of any kind be used to learn an ontology in absolute terms
(other than in ontology itself? - is that what was referenced earlier
as self referencing)    (02)

(also, I have not used the expression ' to learn an ontology' before)    (03)

any knowledge is relative to other knowledge,
tell me something that exists without knowledge of something else pls    (04)

everything that exists is defined first by its boundaries (what is
outside the boundary is the context, and internally by its
subdomains), and by asserting what sources of knowledge are suitable
for a given purpose    (05)

of course the web is a more assorted bag of K than other sources,  but
its also the most comprehensive and the easiest to get hold of.
all comes in proportion    (06)

Maybe I just missed the earlier part of the conversation
feel free to stop replying    (07)

PDM    (08)

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