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Avril,    (02)

        You cannot prove 1+1=2. You can only prove 1+1=2 in some particular 
system. In practice, the most often used system has 1+1=0, as any half-adder 
design will demonstrate. Computers use this arithmetic system all the time.    (03)

        More germanely, it is not proving 1+1=2 that is interesting, but the 
ideas that the proof illustrates. These are not part of the proof, but part of 
the human experience of the proof. A degree in mathematics is not about proving 
various facts, but illustrating interesting concepts. Understanding the 
mechanics of a proof is rarely of itself interesting. Similarly, the problems 
of formally specifying software were less around specifying correctly, but 
around specifying it in a way that meant something to the reader.    (04)

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> I still understand Gödel's proof as a proof that you just 
> cannot govern everything. It is clear even without any proof 
> about it. One way to prove that all cannot be proved is the 
> simple fact 1+1=2 cannot be proved. Or, if you prove it in 
> some formal system, then the axioms of that formal system 
> cannot be proven true.
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