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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 14:00:44 -0500
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Chris,    (01)

I have spoken with at least three native German speakers
who might question that claim:    (02)

 > Seems to me that German is far more orderly and predictable
 > than English, even independent of the issue of spelling, where
 > German is the very model of consistency compared to the chaos
 > of English.    (03)

One is a professional philosopher, who said that many graduate
students who were studying Kant preferred to read the
Norman Kemp Smith translation to English in order to give
them at least one clear interpretation of what Kant was
trying to say.  They admitted that NKS's interpretation was
not the only one, but they found it easier to deal with
than Kant's original (which was in their native language).    (04)

The second made a similar point about Wittgenstein.    (05)

And the third was a colleague of mine at IBM, who was a
native German speaker who had gone through the university
level in Germany.  He and I spent 15 minutes trying to
translate one German sentence (by Otto Selz) into English.    (06)

John    (07)

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