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Re: [ontolog-forum] CL, CG, IKL and the relationship between symbols in

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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 10:18:06 -0800
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Damn!  I should have suspected this from Iceland as some people are still
driving on the *wrong* side of the road....    (01)

;-)    (02)

I'm finding Ontology a lot like German - exceptions to exceptions to
exceptions...    (03)

/d    (04)

On 1/8/08 9:06 AM, "Peter F Brown" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (05)

> Duane:
> It gets worse than that: the semantics of FirstNameofHuman are not
> "neutral" either: in Iceland, for example, the first name is the
> significant name - even the telephone directories are ordered by first
> name; the family name is simply a sort of qualifier (daughter of..., son
> of ...) but which is not considered as significant as the first name. I
> remember dramas when I worked in the Council of Europe when newly
> arrived Icelandic staff were faced with paperwork asking for their
> family name or surname but where "Christian" name (there's a bombshell
> in itself for some) or forename was not asked for - this was considered
> as rude and indelicate as it still is for many English people to be
> addressed by their first names by people they don't know.
> So in reply to John's point of packaging a section of text, even widely
> accepted packaging does not detract from the problem of adding yet
> further context - and the problem is, however careful you are, there
> will often be situations where the context requires something else.
> Regards,
> Peter
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> "real world"
> John:
> As someone who mapped XML to EDI and other formats, this statement gave
> us
> lots of things to think about:
> On 1/8/08 6:47 AM, "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>      * Syntax.  The syntactic function of context is to group,
> delimit,
>> quote, or package a section of text.
> The issue arises when one builds automatic mappers based on metadata
> artifacts stored in a registry-repository.  Even if we sit down and
> agree on
> the semantics of "First Name of Human Being" as a data element and give
> it a
> metadata representation term of "FirstNameOfHuman" (type=string) and
> constrain the instance values of a list of pre-approved names, there is
> a
> syntactic context issue at mapping.
> If it appears in Xan XML instance of a purchase order using the Xpath
> syntax
> in the hierarchic context of:
> //PurchaseOrder/BuyerParty/FirstNameOfHuman
> The exact same data element has slightly different semantics (strictly
> in
> the context of mapping to another instance of XML) if it appears in a
> different hierarchic context of:
> //PurchaseOrder/SellerParty/FirstNameOfHuman
> As the BuyerParty vs. Seller Party hierarchic context qualifies the data
> element.
> Is this the type of syntax context you refer to?
> Duane    (06)

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