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Re: [ontolog-forum] CL, CG, IKL and the relationship between symbols in

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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 08:48:30 -0800
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John:    (01)

As someone who mapped XML to EDI and other formats, this statement gave us
lots of things to think about:    (02)

On 1/8/08 6:47 AM, "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (03)

>      * Syntax.  The syntactic function of context is to group, delimit,
> quote, or package a section of text.    (04)

The issue arises when one builds automatic mappers based on metadata
artifacts stored in a registry-repository.  Even if we sit down and agree on
the semantics of "First Name of Human Being" as a data element and give it a
metadata representation term of "FirstNameOfHuman" (type=string) and
constrain the instance values of a list of pre-approved names, there is a
syntactic context issue at mapping.    (05)

If it appears in Xan XML instance of a purchase order using the Xpath syntax
in the hierarchic context of:    (06)

//PurchaseOrder/BuyerParty/FirstNameOfHuman    (07)

The exact same data element has slightly different semantics (strictly in
the context of mapping to another instance of XML) if it appears in a
different hierarchic context of:    (08)

//PurchaseOrder/SellerParty/FirstNameOfHuman    (09)

As the BuyerParty vs. Seller Party hierarchic context qualifies the data
element.    (010)

Is this the type of syntax context you refer to?    (011)

Duane    (012)

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