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>< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consciousness_causes_collapse>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consciousness_causes_collapse

Yeh, yeh. I few years ago I had a long debate with Henry Stapp about
this stuff. I remain totally unconvinced. And BTW, the quotes from
Heisenberg and d'Espagnat given in that article refer only to the
Copenhagen interpretation of QM. There are now interpretations of QM
which treat the world as an objective reality, cf (my favorite)


In this account, there is no 'collapse', so its a hard stretch to
posit that consciousness causes or results from it.

luckily we can all have our favourite choice of science to justify our views of the world

BTW, an 'interpretation' of QM is a story that one tells to try to
make some kind of sense of the observed QM phenomena, and which (one
way or another) conforms to the actual equations of QM, which are now
empirically verified to an extraordinary degree of precision, I think
something like 14 places of decimals.

well beyond my ability to deal with numbers, but I appreciate the achievement

That is, these are not rival
*theories*: they all make the very same empirical predictions, but
they tell a different story about why one gets those predictions. The
much-publicized Quantum Wierdesses about wave/particle duality,
Schroedinger's cat, wave-function collapse, etc., are all part of the
first QM interpretation, the Copenhagen one: but there are many other
possible stories one can use to understand QM with.

sounds like more reading for me

You can try COE, our graphic viewer for RDF and OWL, available from here


I downloaded it ages ago, but never used it cause I could not figure out what to do with it
thanks - will try that

btw - when I set up these experiments I ll call upon you too..:-)


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