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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 12:40:02 +0700
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..what if you used the same method to compare them?
I would probably also throw in another test: matching the two ontologies (brainwaves and vegetables) looking for patterns of similarity.

...what if you also looked for opposition and contrast?

I hope you will join the team!


BTW - I will be attending Tucson VIII (aka. "Towards A Science of
Consciousness") this year. If anyone else is going, you'll find me
tracing the footsteps of Carlos Casteneda and Don Juan Matos ;-)

I guess I am in a state of inbetweeness  tongue in cheek and dead serious
It's an experiment applying quantum logic principles,


BTW - what tools can I download other than protege to view rdf (rdf viewer is not accessible for download from here)

Pat -

Why would you expect there to be the slightest
similarity in any way? The experiment you cite
above does not suggest there would be even if one
were to attempt to match the actual brain waves
with the object ontology.


first - it was a joke
second, hypotetically - it would be a speculative experiment
I expect to find some people have beetroot shaped brainwave set


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