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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 16:00:02 -0400
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>...Ontology deals with the matter and content, with the real components of
>  >discourse about anything, while Logic is an art, an instrument of
>>intellectual reasoning, at least a formal science
>Even let us agree (temporarily) to this ...
>>,and it has nothing to do
>>with reality, real significance or real meanings,
>   ... but this is a mistake, a non-sequiteur.    (01)

I once knew someone who was disabled for life because a medical 
professional missed a decimal point and gave him an order of 
magnitude higher dose of a drug than he should have had.  The medical 
professional's career was ruined.  The insurance company was out more 
than a million dollars. The patient's life was radically transformed 
for the worse.    (02)

All due to an error in logic.    (03)

This had *very much* to do with reality It had very real 
significance, and very real meaning.    (04)

Kathy    (05)

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