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Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 20:27:32 +0700
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I am looking for a credible glossary of ontological terms, and I dont find anything easily accessible, comprehensive and uptodate that I can trust

I am aware there is a copyright issue - but we should try to go past that?

Wikipedia is still flakey,  and  this looks better carried out on the web as a  collective task.  It looks like we have a good collection of definitions for 'ontology' on the summit wikipage, which shows  that we can produce things  I wonder if we should start working towards creating definitions (ta community of practice starts with common terminology)

(we dont have to agree on everything, we could always have d1. d2 etc)

The problem I have today is to define 'applied ontology'  and  'formal ontology' and wonder if there is any further distinction
I have found some papers discussing in generally more than a page what a formal ontology is, but I am not satisfied
I find a useful reference on Jsowa glossary for formal ontology, but it does not seem to be contrasting other types of ontology
formal as opposed to terminological? or formal vs applied?

what is applied ontology exactly? (wikipedia entry is contradictory)

shall we start something? has someone compiled something that they want/can  share and open up for collective editing? (I would be surprised otherwisee)



Paola Di Maio *****
School of Information Technology
Mae Fah Luang University
Chiang Rai - Thailand

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