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Chris,    (01)

As a Pittsburgh native, I can fill in some details of the
Pittsburgh dialect (which I heard, but never mastered
because of conflict with my grandmother's Polish).    (02)

CM> "y'all'll" is an authentic Texas double contraction, y'all!
 > My favorite is the 2nd-person plural possessive "y'all's",
 > as in "Do y'all want lemon in y'all's ice tea?"  The only
 > other English 2nd-person plurals I know of are "youse" and
 > "you-uns" (and their variants like "yiz" and "yins"), but
 > I'm not sure if either accommodates the possessive -- can
 > any New England or Appalachian natives speak authoritatively
 > here?    (03)

The Pittsburgh plural is halfway between "you-uns" and "yins".
It has one syllable like "yins", but the vowel is pronounced
with the tongue lower and farther back.    (04)

My favorite contraction occurs in the following Pittsburghese
sentence:    (05)

    "Whynchyuins kids red up the hahs while I go take a shahr?"    (06)

The first word is a contraction of "Why-don't-you-ones".    (07)

The verb "red up" means to "ready up".  It occurs in some
Scottish dialects and in some parts of Canada and Virginia
as well as Western Pennsylvania.    (08)

The diphthong /au/ in "house" and "shower" is pronounced
as a long vowel, as in the "a" of "about", but lengthened
for same duration as the diphthong in "house".    (09)

And by the way, the Chicago plural of "you" is "yaz",
with the same vowel as in the "a" of "about".    (010)

John    (011)

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