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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology tutorial - RSVP

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From: "Monica J. Martin" <monica.martin@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 20:44:16 -0600
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> Peter P. Yim wrote:
>> To help interested [ontolog] and [ubl] community members get up to 
>> speed on the nuts-and-bolts of developing an ontology, Adam Pease of 
>> Teknowledge has agreed to conduct a virtual tutorial session during 
>> the regular [ubl-ontology] project weekly conference call time slot 
>> for us on Thu 29-May-2003 10:30~11:45am PDT. You are hereby invited 
>> to participate.
>> Topic: Introduction to Ontology/SUMO/Protégé - a tutorial 
>    (01)

I would also like to attend but will be at a NIST meeting in Maryland.    (02)

Monica    (03)

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