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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:20:24 -0500
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Thanks to Leo for clarifying "use cases" for a novice.    (01)

    Based on earlier discussions I have been involved with
on reference ontologies, I think that it is very important to
have an actual executable application that uses any data
structures that are developed, to allow evaluation of
alternatives.  If anyone has access to an application that
uses UBL schemata in a purchase/sale scenario, I think
it could be enormously helpful to make that (several, if
available) part of the development process.  Without
an executable application, we can do "thought experiments"
on how the data structures might be used, but real
experiments will, I suspect, be much more informative.
    Anyone have anything that would serve?    (02)

Leo Obrst wrote:
> Pat,
> A use case in general is one "thread" of how one envisions the system or 
>language actually being
> used by users. Use cases are created in order to drive out requirements. Once 
>a core set of use
> cases are established, these are then expanded into scenarios (which you 
>might view as specific
> instances of an individual use case), eventually complete with timing 
>diagrams, i.e., what
> happens when, kind of a process model, who the interactants are (agents, 
>etc.) This effort
> eventually leads to the creation of a object model and a state model. In 
>general, this kind of
> practice evolved out of the object-oriented software development paradigm.
> Look at the OWL Use Cases and Requirements document, for an example:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/webont-req/. We identified many use cases and then 
>collected these into
> these 6 general, slightly more abstract use cases. (By the way, much of 1.1 
>What is an Ontology,
> was my contribution to this text).
> Leo
> Patrick Cassidy wrote:
>>   I have a novice question about the current state of UBL
>>technology -- what constitutes a "use case"?
>>Tim McGrath wrote:
>> > There are some use cases published with the latest UBL release
>> > (0p70).   This is available at ftp://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/    (03)

>>    At that site I find  a scenario described:
>>5.1 Scenario -- The UBL Trading Cycle
>>This model addresses the requirements of a basic, usable trading cycle
>>from Order to Invoice between Buyer and Seller. It includes
>>specifications for:
>>     * Order
>>     * Order Response (simple)
>>     * Order Response (complex)
>>     * Order Cancellation
>>     * Despatch Advice
>>     * Receipt Advice
>>     * Invoice
>>It provides for:
>>     * identification of each item according to a range of ID systems
>>     * specification of delivery detail at item line level
>>     * Specification of the packaging of the ordered items limited to:
>>       (a) packaging when it is an inherent part of the Item
>>identified by the Item Identifier
>>       (b) packaging of the whole delivery consignment in one way,
>>e.g. all items palletised, containerised, etc.
>>It does not provide for:
>>     * any sub-line facilities, because this is an area of diversity
>>for which more industry-specific knowledge and input into creating a
>>different business scenario is required.
>>     * sophisticated packaging within packaging, which is seen as a
>>different business scenario, and for which more business
>>context-specific knowledge and input is required.
>>    Is this what is meant by a "use case" or is there also somewhere
>>procedural code that is actually executed on a computer implementing
>>such a scenario and using the UBL specifications?
>>    Pat
>>    (04)

Patrick Cassidy    (05)

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